Tuesday, May 01, 2012


“Now… do you know why ATMs have an air conditioner?”


 “You know why the ATMs are air-conditioned…?”


 “Think about it… do ATMs need to be air-conditioned?   I mean… will you not withdraw money ‘cause it’s not air-conditioned…!”

 “No… no, yes I will, I mean it only takes two minutes…”

 “So why, why are the banks spending so much money on air conditioning thousands of ATMs? It’s not even hot all year round.”

 “Are they going to ask me this question?”

 “Yes, yes, you should know the answer…”

 “What answer?”

 “Why are all the ATMs air-conditioned?”

 The thin, short man in his crisp blue uniform was deeply disturbed. He did not know the answer, and a job interview was just a few stations away.

 “ Look at this train, it’s air conditioned, even though everything is electrical… but an ATM machine is electronic. The first four days it will run fine but on the fifth day it will over heat and blow. So the ATMs are air-conditioned not for the comfort of the customers but the machine.”

While the tall, thin man laughed, the thin, short man had reached the end of his dark tunnel and wondered, why was the train air-conditioned.

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