Saturday, February 18, 2012


Yes I mean it. I am tempted to move over to a new url and start afresh. But then acceptance is a tiny quiet room and so this is fine. Film School has extended to half a decade, which is great as my six pm playtime is spent in the company of good old film prints. Also, the impressionable twenties were spent in a delightful sanctuary with the last remaining artistes and philosophers this country has and the most talented peers. Of course all this growing really took a toll on my internal organs and everyday tea consumption.

So, what to do with the trenchless people. I think we should still hang out. Someday, I'll be in the big bad world again, where after a blissful five years of not earning a rupee, I might just have to reintegrate in the world economy. Blah! I don't need much.

"The buffaloes used to say do what you do,
if you remember you are unknown,
the buffalo land will be your home..."

P.S: I will put up the films too one of these days... till then enjoy my attempts at artwork.